Our Approach

ComVoices’ focus is to:

  1. Harness collective influence to effect positive policy change

2. Develop collaborative and practical strategies to address Sector issues

3. Raise awareness through collective submissions, events and media.

What we want to achieve

Create public understanding that recognises the value of the sector to community wellbeing and to civil society and through this gain greater support for the sector and the communities we serve.

Provide a collaborative platform so that members can promote the development of a policy and regulatory environment that is supportive of sector organisations and their communities and can provide effective responses to Government on emerging issues.

Our approach

  • Building stakeholder understanding of sector issues and providing the opportunity to develop and implement collaborative and practical strategies to address our issues
  • Building sector understanding and providing a forum for learning and sharing information
  • Co-ordinating sector engagement to represent organisations at a policy and decision making level
  • Promoting the long-term welfare and sustainability of the sector through a sense of partnership
  • Working in partnership with stakeholders to improve the sharing of knowledge and intelligence within the sector and with Government.