ComVoices is a Wellington based network of national organisations in the community and voluntary sector. It was established so that Sector organisations would have a more powerful voice at Government level and in the community.

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The current chair of ComVoices is:

  • Chris Glaudel, Deputy Director, Community Housing Aotearoa

Who can join?

  • National umbrella groups in the NGO or charitable sector
  • National ‘branch structure’ type organisations in the NGO or charitable sector

Note: members must commit to keeping their members/branches informed of relevant ComVoices focus/activities

If organisations are unsure of their eligibility, please contact ComVoices to discuss at:

The benefits of belonging to ComVoices

Your organisation becomes part of a political advocacy network in the community and social service sectors.  You are involved in:

  • keeping up- to- date and being responsive on issues relevant to the Sector
  • sharing sector intelligence
  • learning from other sector organisations
  • sharing issues and ideas at  monthly meetings
  • collaborating on key messages to deliver to Ministers, politicians and political parties, government organisations and the wider community
  • briefing Ministers and MPs on the key issues for the community sector
  • hosting international speakers at Parliamentary Breakfasts and attending these and other events

ComVoices speaks out publicly on issues affecting the sector.

All members of the network make an annual contribution to ComVoices to enable it to operate effectively.   Contributions range from $2,000 to $100 depending on the size of the organisation and what it can afford.

To discuss joining the network and a proposed contribution email:

Joining Us

Please complete the network membership application form below or email