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ComVoices Meetings – 2018

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All monthly meetings are held 10.30am to 12 midday on the first Tuesday in the month in the Community Hub Board room, Level 4, 120 Featherston Street, Wellington.

  • Tuesday 13 February
  • Tuesday 6 March
  • Tuesday 3 April
  • Tuesday 1 May
  • Tuesday 5 June
  • Tuesday 3 July
  • Tuesday 7 August
  • Tuesday 4 September
  • Tuesday 2 October
  • Tuesday 6November
  • Tuesday 4 December

Party Responses: ComVoices Election 2017 – Briefing for Political Parties

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We’ve asked all major political parties to respond in writing to the three issues raised in our briefing so that members could compare the policy approaches and level of commitment of each party.

To date we have received five responses; the Green, Labour, Maori, National and  The Opportunities Parties (TOP).

Other party responses will be added when they are provided to us.

 Read the Green, Labour, Maori, National, and TOP responses here


ComVoices Election Issues 2017

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ComVoices speaks for non-profit services working to support people and build strong, healthy communities.

Many families are struggling to meet basic needs while the services designed to support them are also in a precarious financial situation. Communities are no longer places where everybody can participate and thrive.

The three things that would make a difference, and what you can do this election.

Read the full document here

MSD review doesn’t resolve the client data problems

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An independent report released today into a recent data breach at MSD shows the problems created by a project with an unrealistic timeframe being imposed on a complex and sensitive area.

ComVoices is pleased to learn that no personal data was mistakenly released but the report details a series of mistakes and inadequacy.

ComVoices chair Brenda Pilott said that these errors were symptomatic of the implementation of this project to require community providers to collect and share personal information with MSD.  “We have said from the outset that this process was being rushed and was not affording MSD time to consider all the issues.  Nor have they engaged well with providers and other experts.”

ComVoices has consistently advised the department and Minister to slow down.  “The timeframe for this project was self-imposed and coincided with a period of major restructuring within MSD.  No wonder mistakes were made”, said Brenda Pilott.

“The Privacy Commissioner made four recommendations to MSD and its Minister, of which data security was just one.  The other recommendations have not been addressed yet.  Privacy considerations must be looked at carefully.  Neither we nor MSD can give providers any reassurance that they can provide this sensitive data to MSD with full trust and confidence.”

Brenda Pilott said: “My message to MSD is to slow down and to engage with provider groups in a co-design process.  This is too important to get wrong again.”

For further information, contact Brenda Pilott on 027 430 6016.

ComVoices is a Wellington based network of national community and voluntary sector organisations.


Parliamentary Breakfast Registration Form

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Event Date: 7.15am to 8.30am on Thursday 11 May 2017

Grand Hall, Parliament Buildings, Molesworth St, Wellington

Hon Alfred Ngaro Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Invites you to a cross parliamentary event to hear Dr Dhananjayan (Danny) Sriskandarajah Secretary General and CEO of CIVICUS – the World Alliance for Citizen Participation Speaking on Citizen Participation in a Rapidly Changing World A global perspective on issues that affect us in New Zealand.

Click here to download the registration form.

MSD IT Enquiry Not Enough

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The announcement of an enquiry into the privacy failure of MSD’s online reporting platform for community organisations required to provide individual client data (ICLD) addresses only one of the Privacy Commissioner’s four recommendations, says ComVoices.

“The just announced enquiry is deflecting us from the real question”, said Trevor McGlinchey, ComVoices Spokesperson.  “The question at the heart of the enquiry should be why are we collecting data that the Privacy Commissioner has said is ‘…excessive, disproportionate to government’s legitimate needs and therefore inconsistent with the privacy principles’?”.

“The staff of social services organisations have a range of professional bodies which provide ethical guidelines about maintaining the privacy of clients.  Not only will these organisations be breaking these ethical guidelines, they will also be forced to work in direct contravention of the Privacy Commissioner’s findings.”

At the moment service providers have been told they must continue to collect the private data of their clients to provide to MSD at a future date.  They have not been told who will be held to account for breaking the privacy principles set out in the Privacy Act.

“The community sector is waiting for leadership from the Minister and MSD about the important issues raised in the Privacy Commissioner’s report,” says McGlinchey.  “This mass collection of data is inappropriate and will directly affect many New Zealand families. This level of surveillance will cause others not to seek help so that they do not become labelled as ‘vulnerable’ and included as a named statistic on a government database. As always the NGO sector is happy to work alongside MSD to find a more appropriate solution to their data needs.”

ComVoices is calling on the Government to put an immediate hold on this policy while it addresses the issues raised by the Privacy Commissioner.

Contact Trevor McGlinchey, ComVoices Spokesperson, phone 027 286 9393